Lab Director:

David Reinkensmeyer
Dr. David J. Reinkensmeyer


Dr. Jim Bobrow (U.C. Irvine, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Dr. Steve Cramer (U.C. Irvine, Department of Neurology)
Dr. Giulio Rosati (U. Padua, Italy)
Dr. Raul Benitez (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain - Automatic Control Department)
Dr. Shunji Moromugi (Nagasaki University)

Post-Doctoral Fellows, students, and staff:

Jaime Duarte
Dr. Jaime E. Duarte

Justin Rowe
Justin Rowe
(PhD student)

Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith
(PhD student)

Sumner Norman
Sumner Norman
(PhD student)

Diogo Schwerz de Lucena
Diogo Schwerz de Lucena
(PhD student)

Vicky Chan
Vicky Chan
(M.S./P.T, research physical therapist)



Marie-Helene Milot
Dr. Marie-Helene Milot
(Post-doctoral fellow)

Riccardo Secoli
Dr. Riccardo Secoli
(Post-doctoral fellow)

Ph. D. Students:

Danny Zondervan
Dr. Danny Zondervan

Nizan Friedman
Dr. Nizan Friedman

Sergi Perez
Dr. Sergi Perez

Steve Spencer
Dr. Steve Spencer

James Allington
Dr. James Allington

Mine Akoner
Mine Akoner
(PhD student)

Dr. Laura Marchal (7/05 – 6/09)
Haptic Guidance for Enhancing Human Motor Learning: Application to a Robot-Assisted Powered Wheelchair Trainer (pdf)

Dr. Julius Klein (9/05 – 3/09)
Thesis: Performance Enhancing Mechanisms for Human Manipulation (pdf)
Postdoctoral employment: Research Specialist, Biomechatronics Laboratory, University of California, Irvine (2009 - 2010)
Postdoctoral employment: Research Associate, Bioengineering Department, Imperial College London (2010 - present)

Dr. Eric Wolbrecht (primary advisor was Prof. Bobrow) (7/04 – 6/07)
Dissertation topic: A pneumatic robot for retraining arm movement after stroke
Postdoctoral employment: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mech. Eng., University of Idaho

Dr. Daisuke Aoyagi (1/03 – 6/06) (primary Ph.D. advisor was Prof. J.E. Bobrow)
Dissertation Topic: A robotic device for human gait rehabilitation: Achieving naturalistic assistance for the pelvis and legs through compliant pneumatic actuation and temporal synchronization
Postdoctoral employment: Research engineer, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr. Jeremy Emken (7/02 – 4/06)
Dissertation title: Human Locomotor Control, Adaptation, and Rehabilitation Postdoctoral employment
Postdoctoral fellow, California Institute of Technology

Dr. Jiayin Liu (9/03 – 3/06)
Dissertation Topic: Robotic Environments for Training and Assessing the Human Motor System
Postdoctoral employment: Research Engineer, Aubrey Group (Biomedical device consulting)

Dr. Lennie Kahn (1/98 – 8/05)
(a Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University. Primary advisor was Dr. W. Zev Rymer, Northwestern University)
Dissertation title: Kinetically altered reaching in chronic hemiparetic stroke: understanding strength and coordination impairment and implications for recovery
Postdoctoral employment: GE Healthcare, Chicago IL

Dr. Jeff Nessler (5/02 – 8/05)
Dissertation title: Robotic assessment of locomotor ability following spinal cord injury in rats Postdoctoral employment
Postdoctoral fellow, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago/Northwestern University
Currently, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Cal State San Marcos

Dr. Robert Sanchez (6/03 – 8/05) (co-advisor was Prof. Bobrow)
Dissertation title: Passive and active orthoses for upper extremity movement training after stroke
Postdoctoral employment: Alcon, Irvine CA

Dr. Wojciech Timosyzk (9/98 – 12/03)
Dissertation title: Robotic devices for the study of rat locomotion after spinal cord injury
Postdoctoral employment: Stryker, Dallas TX

Dr. Craig Takahashi (9/98 – 12/03)
Dissertation title: Computational motor adaptation in real-world conditions: The effects of noise, neural damage, neuromuscular development, and fatigue.
Post-doctoral employment: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Neurology, U.C. Irvine
Currently, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering, Santa Ana College

M.S. Students

Cole Young
Cole Young
(MS student)

Chris Wong
Chris Wong
(MS student)

Steve Spencer (9/05 – 8/07)
Master's Thesis: Hand movement training device

Kareem Adnan (9/05 – 12/07)
Master's Thesis: Baby wrist simulator

Laura Marchal (7/05 – 4/06)
Master's Thesis: A Simulator and Control Algorithm for Teaching Children to Drive a Powered Wheelchair (pdf)

Megan Thomas (9/02 – 6/05)
Master's Thesis: SARA: Stand Assist Rehabilitation Apparatus

Wade Ichinose (9/02 – 12/04) (co-advisor with J. Bobrow)
Master's Thesis: Pelvic Assist Manipulator Version 3.0: Design of Mechanical Hardware, Safety Features, and a New Leg Robot

Gigi Au (9/03 – 8/04)
Master’s Project: TIM, A Three-dimensional Interactive Manipulandum, As an Input Device for Java Therapy

Jason Lin (9/02 – 6/04) (co-advisor with J. Bobrow)
Master’s Thesis: Pelvic Assist Manipulator Version 2.0: Design of Control hardware and Algorithm

Karen Ngai (9/02 – 12/03) (co-advisor with J. Bobrow)
Master’s Thesis: The Mechanical Design of a Backdriveable Robot for Measuring and Manipulating Pelvic Motion

Shawn McGuan (1/99 – 12/02)
Master’s Thesis: A biomechanical model for studying spinal control of stepping in the rat

Jeff Nessler (1/01 – 5/02)
Master’s Project: Affordable actuator backdriveability for human robot interaction: the series elastic servomotor

John Wynne (9/00 – 3/02)
Master’s Project: A backdriveable robotic device for manipulating and measuring stepping

Clifton Pang (9/99 – 3/01)
Master’s Project: Java Therapy, a web-based system for stroke rehabilitation

Chris Painter (6/99 – 7/00)
Master’s Project: Web-based motion control for physical rehabilitation

Post-doctoral Advisees

Dr. Jose Galvez, Ph.D. (3/03 – 7/07)

Dr. Raul Benitez, Ph.D. (9/05-6/06)

Dr. Butch Timoszyk, Ph.D. (1/04 – 8/04)

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